Hydrophobic coating

Glass with self-cleaning hydrophobic coating can be used practically in all types of glazing used in windows and doors.

Glass with self-cleaning coating works especially well in urban conditions and in an environment with a lot of pollution, such as near highways, railway stations, airports, and industrial areas. The best effect is achieved by using it in heavily sunny and rainy places.

Transparency and the outer appearance of the glass with coating are similar to non-coated glass. Glass with hydrophobic coating is a product of the future – it not only saves us time, but also the environment we live in. Instead of using harmful detergents to clean windows, we will only need natural means – sun and rain. Simple, genius and very useful.


  • Reduction of the frequency of window cleaning.
  • Significant reduction of expenses related to window maintenance.
  • Easier cleaning: dirt does not adhere so easily to the window surface.
  • Transparent glass even during rain.
  • Less use of detergents is good for the environment.
  • Transparency and external appearance identical to classic glass (coating is practically invisible to the eye).