Safe, anti-burglary windows

The main feature of such glass is to provide safety and protection against injury wherever conditions of use may lead to breaking the glass and people are exposed to cuts (hospitals, schools, nurseries, shop windows, large glazing in private homes).

Safety glasses must meet the following requirements: 
– protection against injury when broken 
– break-in, break-out and intrusion-resistant glazing. Classified according to specified classes. Its resistance is achieved with a combination of glass and a tough PVB sheet. 
– bullet-resistance glass – bulletproof. It is a combination of thickened glass and a PVB sheet which absorbs the energy of the bullet. 
– explosion-resistance glass. It prevents the spread of shockwave caused by an explosion.

Anti-burglary glass is resistant to punching and smashing with blunt or sharp tools.

Safe glasses are classified as: 
– armoured glass
– tempered ESG glass
– laminated VSG glass

Classes of glass and their marking:

SafeO1, O2
Anti-burglaryP2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8
BulletproofSO1, SO2, SO3, SO4

Technical data