Sliding terrace door PATIO-LIFE

PATIO-LIFE doors make a new approach to the concept of sliding doors. Thanks to the new fittings, one on longer has to be a strongman to pick up heavy doors. Even 300 kg heavy doors can be opened and closed as lightly as a feather. After installation, the top element of the threshold is 11 to 12 mm above the “floor level zero”,  top and bottom rails are not visible, the maximum width of the whole structure (with a few wings ) is up to 15 meters. This design is perfect as a way out of the room to the terrace or the garden.  

Technical data


three-layer laminated timber frame, width : 56x171mm, 56x184mm or 56x204mm


Door wing

three-layer laminated wood, wing width : 68x92mm, 78x92mm or 88x92mm


ROTO fittings, the maximum sash weight : 300 kg, max. wing width : 3,335 mm


standard (white, brown RAL 8016, teak, old pine, mahogany, rosewood, walnut), possibility to choose any color from RAL palette or any other transparent color

Fulfiling panel

glazing thickness 24mm coefficient Ug=1,1W/m2K to 44mm Ug=0,6W/m2K, possibility to glaze windows with glass units with increased resistance to burglary, ornamental glass, reflective glass, safe glass, stained glass and many others


inter-width : 8-45 mm, glued and Viennese width from 20 to 30 mm, construction width : 55 mm and 80 mm


threshold with thermal separator in the floor

Maximum dimensions

The maximum width of the structure to 15 m, depending on the schema

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