Wooden windows DJ 88

The system of wooden windows SOFT-LINE 88  is characterized by excellent thermal insulation. Solid construction with double glazing. Low emission set         Ug=0.6 W/m2K ensures full functionality, durability and esthetics. 

Heat conductivity for the whole window is Uw = 0,8 – 1,1 W/m2K

Technical data

three-layer laminated timber frame, width : 88×77 mm
Door wing

three-layer laminated wood, wing width : 88×77 mm


ROMB envelope fittings, possibility to use fittings to enhance safety which implement requirements of WK-1 and WK-2 class


standard (white, brown RAL 8016, teak, old pine, mahogany, rosewood, walnut), possibility to choose any color from RAL palette or any other transparent color

Fulfiling panel

glazing thickness 44 mm coefficient Ug=0.6W/m2K, possibility to glaze windows with glass units with increased resistance to burglary, ornamental glass, reflective glass, safe glass, stained glass and many others


inter-width : 8-45 mm, glued and Viennese width from 20 to 30 mm, construction width : 55 mm and 80 mm


aluminium in standard color (white, brown, olive, gold)

Maximum dimensions

width : 1400 mm, height : 1700 mm – in accordance with the Technical Approval ITB No AT-15-6671/2005 for Single-windows and balcony doors POLSTOL System – 68/25/01

POLSTOL – 68/25/01

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