Putty bars can be placed between two glass panels. This solution creates a visual effect of a window with small glasses, while not interfering with the cleaning or maintenance of the glass. They are suitable for use on glasses of different shapes.

The putty bars offered by Vitroszlif give the glasses a very individual look tailored to the requirements and tastes of customers. The windows composed attractively with putty bars gain a new, enriched look. A wide range of colours available in widths 8, 18, 26 and 45 mm will meet the expectations of demanding customers. Depending on customer expectations, we can create fields: straight, broken and arched (the pin of 45 mm cannot be bent). Putty bars are available in a wide range of RAL colours, also two-tone. All putty bars can be one-coloured or white on one side and any RAL colour on the other.

We also perform combined glasses with a peripheral frame with a putty bar, also known as a blind or Viennese-profile putty bar. The putty bar in the form of the peripheral frame and the putty bar window glued from the outside creates the impression of a window divided into putty bars with small glasses combined. The division of the window into putty bars is always made to the individual order of the customer.